We are currently planning these workshops:

  • Spatial Statistics
    • Organizer: Edward Cohen, Imperial College, London
  • Introduction to programming approaches for image analysts
    • Organizer: Anish Abraham, College Station, TX
  • Counting molecules and cluster analysis
    • Organizer: Dirk-Peter Herten, Heidelberg
    • Schedule:
      • 11.15     Introduction (D.P. Herten)

        11.25     Quantitative super-resolution imaging in biology (M. Lakadamyali)

        11.50     Quantitative super-resolution imaging with DNA-PAINT (C. Soeller)

        12.15     Lunch (originally announced for 12.25)

        13.00     Cluster Analysis of Localization Microscopy Data (D. Owen)

        13.25     Quantitative Imaging Using Super-Resolution Optical Fluctuation Imaging (K.S. Grussmayer)

        13.50     Counting by Photon Statistics (J. Hummert)

        14.15     Models of single molecule dynamics from single photon detections: a Bayesian nonparametric approach (S. Pressé)

        14.40     Final discussion

        14.45     Coffee Break

  • Single molecule localization microscopy flight simulator
    • Organizers: Daniel Sage, Lausanne; Juliette Griffié, Lausanne