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2020 QBI Registration


Registration for the conference will open in due course.

In case of financial hardship please use the feature in the registration system to apply for consideration.

The registration fee includes coffee breaks, lunches and receptions.


Early Registration (until 31 October 2019)                Student £ 170
               Post-doc £ 220
               Academia/Non-profit £ 370
               Industry £ 550
Late Registration (from 1 November 2019)                Student £ 220
               Post-doc £ 270
               Academia/Non-profit £ 420
               Industry £ 650


A note on the registration fee: In the past we managed to organize the QBI conferences without having to charge a mandatory registration fee. This was possible due to the availability of very significant resources that the organizers had managed to obtain to cover the costs. At the same time, the organization had access to additional free resources, e.g. administrative support, support for IT etc. Unfortunately, the situation is very different going forward. One of the trends that we have observed is that in many countries universities no longer make conference facilities available free of charge, but charge commercial rates. At the same time universities and other organizations typically do not provide significant resources to support conferences etc. This easily translates to several tens of thousands of dollars solely for the rental of the venue. Catering expenses, staff costs for administration, registration, web management  are very significant. Even with the current registration fees we only expect to be able to break even if we manage to attract significant sponsorship income.