Challenges Session

Challenges Session:

Challenge sessions aim to present and discuss challenges that researchers find in addressing biological problems and the technological solutions, that might address them. This is in contrast to the standard scientific session in which recent progress is reported. Here the focus is obstacles to progress. One purpose of this session is to bring together scientists who will explains the bottlenecks that they are facing and developers of techniques that might want to learn about challenging problems.

  • Challenges in Subcellular Trafficking: Subcellular trafficking in cells is a topic that is much less understood than processes that occur, for example, on the plasma membrane. The reason is that standard imaging approaches are often not well suited to addressing these problems. Even if data can be acquired, the analysis often poses problems that are difficult to surmount.
    • Confirmed speakers to date:
      • Fred Maxfield, New York
      • Daniel Wuestner, Odense
      • E. Sally Ward, College Station/Southampton
      • Luke Lavis, Janelia Farm
      • Justin Taraska, Bethesda
      • Marino Zerial, Dresden
      • Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, Janelia Farm
      • Chrysanthe Preza, Memphis
      • Jean Salamero, Paris
      • Raimund Ober, College Station/Southampton