Poster Information

QBI 2020 posters will be presented during three different poster sessions in the afternoon over the dates of 6-9 January 2020. Posters can be mounted on 6 January beginning at 15:00 (but not later than 18:45 on 7 January) and must removed at the end of the last session on 9 January beginning at 17:00 (but not later than 18:00). Times subject to change – please check back for schedule updates. The posters will be displayed for the entire duration of the conference.

The poster boards that we have available at QBI 2020 are not the standard free standing boards that are often found in conferences. At the Oxford venue the poster boards are integrated into the walls of the foyer. This method of hanging the posters requires that the posters are of specific size:

Posters should be in vertical format (AO Portrait) with maximal dimensions of 841mm wide x 1189mm high (33.1in wide x 46.8in high).

Please note: we have been told by the venue that cloth posters can be difficult to mount and that paper based posters are recommended.

The conference organization will supply materials for mounting posters on the boards. Each poster will be mounted on the appropriately numbered board assigned to the submitted abstract number at the Registration Desk.

The author and/or co-author of the poster is requested to be stationed by his/her poster throughout the duration of the scheduled session. Posters with odd numbered poster board assignments will be presented in the Tuesday (7 Jan) Poster Session (15:00-16:30). Posters with even numbered poster board assignments will be presented in the Wednesday (8 Jan) Poster Session (15:00-16:30).

There are places to print posters in Oxford. Oxford University Print Studio was recommended (