Student / Post-doc Chapter Meeting

We are excited to introduce the student-postdoc chapter of the Quantitative Bioimaging conference, with the goal of increasing the engagement and active participation of current and future young investigators in this field. We believe this chapter would provide a platform for students and postdocs to learn and present their work, while also engaging in chapter activities to enhance their professional skills and network with the leaders in the field. This would be a great opportunity to get involved and make an impact as budding young investigators. 

We will be having an inaugural meeting of the QBI student-postdoc chapter on the 9th of January during the opening reception at the QBI conference (Location will be announced closer to the meeting) marking the inception of the student-postdoc chapter, with the following agenda:

  • Welcome address 
  • Chapter goals 
  • Guest speaker 
  • Upcoming activities and participation
  • Floor open for Q & A 
  • Registration

Participation is open to all interested students and postdoc QBI registrants. Given that this chapter is in its infancy, any suggestions for this and future meetings are welcome. Please contact if you have any suggestions.