Important Information for Speakers

It is recommended that speakers arrive 15 minutes before the session starts with their own USB key to upload their presentation on the PC in the conference room (only pdf or ppt format). A staff member is available in each conference room to help you copy your files. The PCs in the lecture rooms contain the latest versions of Adobe reader, Microsoft Office. If you need any particular software, please let us know in advance.

If you prefer using your personal laptop, please provide your own VGA and HDMI adapters to save time. Cables or adapters for Apple computers are not supplied, as they vary for each model: please bring your own cable/adapter if using a Mac computer. The conference is not responsible for the safety and security of speakers’ computers.

The presentation room is equipped with all high tech facilities (PC, screens, microphones).

A poster presentation is not necessary for individuals registered for oral presentations.

Poster Information

QBI 2019 posters will be presented during three different poster sessions in the afternoon over the dates of January 9-11. Posters can be mounted on January 9th, beginning at 8:00, and must removed at the end of the last session on January 11th, beginning at 16:45 and not later than 18:10. The posters will be displayed for the entire 3 days.

Posters should be in vertical format, and the maximal dimensions should be 3.28 feet wide x 4.92 feet height (1.0m wide x 1.5m high). The conference organization will supply materials for mounting posters on the boards. Each poster will be mounted on the appropriately numbered board corresponding to the submitted abstract number.

The author and/or co-author of the poster is requested to be stationed by his/her poster throughout the duration of the scheduled session. Please refer to the on-line program for information on when your poster session is scheduled:

Video Capture Permission

We want to inform speakers that Inria will ensure video-sound recording of the talks. A playlist will then be made available and linked to the Inria video platform and QBI society website. To allow recording of speakers, though, according to french law on privacy we have to obtain from each speaker an informed consent to the Inria and QBI society for recordings and images. A “Video Capture Permission Form” is available for downloading below. We shall submit this form for signature during Registration or before the sessions, to be authorized to proceed.

The video-sound recording will not be used in any way for commercial purposes, but they can be used in electronic media, including the Internet to give account of the research activity during the conference, and to allow researchers who were unable to come, to take advantage of this opportunity to have access to relevant research achievements. These images and recordings will be preserved in the Inria and QBI society archives.