Invited Speakers

To date we have the following confirmed invited speakers.

  • Carolina Wählby, Uppsala University (Visualization, interaction, and unsupervised quantification – key components in large-scale spatial omics)
  • Dylan Owen, University of Birmingham (Community-based, nanoscale mapping of biomolecules in cells)
  • Thibault Lagache, Institut Pasteur (Interrogating the organization of biological processes at different scales with spatial statistics)
  • Anthea Monod, Imperial College London (Topological imaging summary statistics for GBM)
  • Anca Grapa, Institute of Cancer Research, London (Characterization of growth pattern landscape in lung adenocarcinoma using artificial intelligence and spatial intermixing networks)
  • Daniel Davis, Imperial College London (Watching immune cells kill)
  • Sripad Ram, Pfizer, San Diego (From macro to micro: 3D spatiotemporal analysis of nanoparticles in tumour tissue using VIOLA technology)
  • Susan Cox, King’s College London (From images to information: enhancing resolution and improving accuracy in SMLM)
  • Ed Cohen, Imperial College London (Spatial point patterns: 101 to manifolds)
  • Lekha Patel, Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico (Spatial-temporal modeling for nanoscale resolvement of photo-switching fluorophores)
  • Christian Schürch, Institute of Pathology, University Hospital Tübingen, Germany (Deconstructing disease mechanisms, therapy responses and patient outcomes by highly multiplexed tissue imaging)