Multiplex Image Analysis (2024)

hosted and supported by
La Jolla Institute for Immunology
in partnership with the QBI Society
September 24-26, 2024
San Diego, CA, USA

Information for Presenters


Talks will be run from the main lecture hall. As there will be virtual attendees we request all presenters to email their talks ahead of the meeting so that all talks can be run from the same laptop.


Posters need to be put up on the designated day before the start of the poster session and they must be taken down at the end of the poster session. All posters must be in portrait orientation and A0 size, i.e.,  height 46.8 inches (1189 mm) and width 33.1 inches (841 mm). Please do not mount your posters on a hard board as they need to be affixed directly on the wall. Please do not use board pins to mount your poster as that will damage the wall texture. We will provide sticky tape to mount the posters