Plenary Discussion

This session aims to provide a stakeholder discussion on microscope calibration.

How to compare data between different laboratories or even within a laboratory using multiple microscopes is an unsolved challenge in the biomedical imaging community. New products for microscope calibration, from DNA origami to sub-diffraction lithography imaging standards have entered the field and among other initiatives, notably NIH has made imaging data quality control a mandatory step in data submission for the 4D nucleome consortium, an attempt similar to ENCODE which resulted in generally accepted standards for sequencing technologies. At the same time, more and more academic journals implement check lists for imaging data in an attempt to better document experimental methods.

For this session QBI seeks to bring together scientist from academia and industry to provide different views on the topic of microscope calibration, its challenges and roadblocks. Topics include tier systems for imaging data, methods of calibration, meta-data standards, all with a focus on the needs and roles different stakeholders, like scientists in different research areas, industry, publishers and funding agencies have and can assume.