Microscopy in BioPharma

Minisymposium on Microscopy in Biopharma Applications 

This session will focus on the recent explosive growth of digital microscopy technologies in biotech, biopharma and life-sciences industries especially in the preclinical and clinical space. This year, the session will focus on 3D imaging and quantitative analysis of cleared tissues. The talks will revolve around sample preparation, 3D imaging and 3D image analysis of cleared samples for studying the vasculature, drug delivery and immune-cell distribution in tumors.

  • Ernst Stelzer will be giving a plenary lecture on lightsheet microscopy technology

Confirmed speakers for the session.

  • Per Uhlén, Karolinska Institute, Sweden (3D distribution of immune-cells in murine tumors).
  • Friedmann Kiefer, Max Planck Institute, Muenster (3D analysis of the vasculature in normal and disease states).
  • Simon Walker-Samuel, University College London (3D imaging to quantify drug-delivery in tumor tissue).
  • Han-Ulrich Dodt, Medical University of Vienna and Vienna University of Technology (clearing and imaging of human brain tumors).